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  1. Christmas Cracker


    I’ve just been to Marlow, I was told I could 'come along' with my husband, as long as I leave him alone - he was doing his Christmas shopping.  I’m amazed, it’s not Christmas eve!

    We arrived, split up and I went for a wander, arranging to meet up on the high street… we’d look out for each other as his phone was down to 6%. And amazingly after a bit we did find each other!  ‘Done everything?’ ‘Yup’ …’Happy to go back to the car?’ ‘Yup’.. So we turned to walk back to the car at a slow wandering pace just to really annoy the people behind us, and walking towards us was Tom Kerridge, knapsack on back and looking slightly worried. Two weeks before Christmas I’ve noticed there are a lot of men wandering up high streets, in and out of shops looking slightly worried.  I really wanted to say 'Hello’ but at the same time ‘leave the poor man alone JL,' he’s quite ‘happy' wandering up the high street worrying what to get his wife for Christmas like all the other men. I wonder if he sees people and thinks shall I say hello? - ‘Look there’s the woman who draws cards…’ - Naa… I don’t think so!  Happy Christmas Tom!
    I might send him a card - say hello, Happy Christmas.
  2. Cake
    I love November, it’s a busy month with lots of family Birthdays, lots of lovely things and wine, and cake and chocolate… and cards! 
    Needless to say we never manage to do everything we set out to do, the long walks that are a good idea and promised are delayed for another day - with more cake to eat and more ‘busy stuff' to do.  It’s lovely, the leaves are all over the place, we spend hours clearing them and then there’s more… I reckon the tree fairies are sitting watching and giggling and when we’ve cleared everything up they dance on the branches and send more fluttering down. Maybe we should just wait until they are all down and then pile them high and jump in them… Big kid!
    JL x