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Friends Share - Standing 1


I haven’t written anything for ages - I’m not sure where the time has gone.. but I’ve been busy.  My new cards have taken a lot of research, especially one in particular.  The trouble is I do love Chocolate (It deserves a capital ‘C’.) And for my ‘sharing' card I felt it necessary to make sure I shared quite a lot of Chocolate to get the right vibe and emotion to draw the card properly (and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!!)

Can I introduce you to Molly and Maud, two really good friend who just love having fun. Nothing complicated, just relaxing fun!  They’re just up for picnics in the park, long walks, Chocolate and a good natter.  You can read a little more about Molly and Maud on the cards pages.  Hope you like them.


JL x