Spring has Sprung

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Pete_Bounce 1
When I was little a friends Mum taught me a rhyme…
Spring has sprung, the grass is riz. 
I wonder where the birdie is? 
The bird is on the wing - well that's absurd, 
the wing is on the bird…  
It just makes me smile, apparently Spike Milligan made it famous, so you need to say it with a silly voice and skip!  Love skipping, not too good at it, for those who know me I wasn’t really built for skipping… dislocated shoulders and black eyes come to mind!  But there's nothing better than embracing your inner ‘Mirander' and skipping down the road… Great if you want to embarrass your children.  But my absolute favourite is spinning - no, I do not go to the gym and sit on a stationary contraption and peddle madly for ages and don’t get anywhere - I know its good for you, but really?  I mean real spinning, arms out stretched and spin and twirl looking up at a glorious sky, just smile - and laugh and eventually fall over - but it's good for the soul!  My other favourite, now spring has sprung is Space hopping across the lawn… my children bought me a great big yellow adult one - brilliant fun and I’m sure it must be good for you! 
I love my 'Pete' card bouncing - and you can colour it in yourself! 
JL x