Oh Biscuits!

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Floras Shortbread


It was far too lovely to be stuck in doors this weekend, so lots of creating outside.  I know I should have been drawing Christmas cards and a few new cards for the collection, but this weekend I took up bricklaying...but I'd like to make it clear to any builders out there, there is no way I'll be able to call myself a professional bricklayer!! (Never in a thousand years!) But I've had great fun - the beginnings of a doodle path in the back garden, the sort you can look for hours and see shapes and designs and play 'don't stand on the cracks' - 'follow the bear' and 'hop-scotch!'  But all that exercise has given me lots of new ideas for cards - cards and more cards - and a few gifty things too, it also made me very hungry so some of my favorite Floras Shortbread biscuits were also created...delicious!

JL x