Crunchy leaves and Jam sandwiches

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I can't believe where the time goes, it was sunny and warm and summer and now I’ve turned around and Autumn is on it’s way.  I hope its going to be a crisp Autumn with crunchy leaves and warm winds, not too much mud please! Long walks with knitted scarves kicking up the leaves as you go… total romantic!

We are working hard with some new designs for our Flowers collection and dare I say it Christmas cards! I know it’s early and everyone is worried about what they can and can’t do. Sending cards this Christmas is a must, show your friends and family you care and love them, you may not be able to see them but they will know you’re thinking about them. I love getting cards, I love getting post… well, most of it!
Pete has been less than helpful, he thinks it's funny to wind he monsters up, hiding their jam and cheese sandwiches and eating all the marshmallows dipped in chocolate spread (they have a very sweet tooth)  Luckily our monsters don’t get angry or cross they just sulk, but it doesn’t take too long for them to smile again.
Talk soon  JL x